Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kdrama Giveaway

Since I've watched my fair share of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas (and accumulated a hideous number of dvdrs as a result thereof), I think it's about time to dispose some of them. I don't want to just put them  in the trash  when there's a possibility that someone out there is willing to give them a new home. So if you're a relative newcomer to the world of Asian dramas or a drama junkie who's  interested in watching any of the dramas listed below, just drop me a line and we'll work things out.

Here's a preliminary list of the items that are up for trade or adoption, as the case may be. I haven't done a complete inventory so there might be other items available as soon as I get my stuff organized.

  • Kingdom of the Wind
  • Cain and Abel
  • Yi-San 
  • Robbers
  • Coffee Prince
  • Something About 1%
  • Miss Kim's Millionaire Quest 
  • Fantasy Couple (DVD Format)
  • War of Money (DVD Format)
  • Hong Gil Dong (DVD Format)
  • On Air (DVD Format)
  • Resurrection (DVD Format)
  • The Lobbyist
  • A Star's Lover
  • Beethoven Virus
  • Prosecutor Princess
  • When it's at Night
  • Goong S (a.k.a. Prince Hours)
  • Boys over Flowers
  • My Sweet Seoul
  • Shining Inheritance
  • Exhibition of Fireworks

Note that the said dramas will be in avi format unless otherwise specified and that there will be only one copy of each. Preference shall be given to those based in Manila for the sole reason that it would be easier for me to schedule the turnover of the discs.


  1. hahahaha.. I have no idea why would you do sumtin like that? I mean.. what about the next generation?? =D They deserve to watch it, too.. hahahahaha.. atleast that was what I thinking when I'm keeping all those dramas =P

  2. Haha, that's something new-- keeping dramas for the sake of posterity. Well, I guess that's why I'm giving them away, so that "a new generation" gets to see them, otherwise they'll just gather dust and molds. What use would I have of them then? Trust me, they're better off in someone else's home.