Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag

There's still an ongoing debate as to which film can be categorically called as Lino Brocka's greatest masterpiece but this movie certainly ranks as the late director's most popular work. Often featured in film festival circuits and lauded for its depiction of the various social ills that beleaguer our country, "Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag" occupies a rather prestigious place in Philippine cinematic history. It's one of the few films that earned critical praise around the globe and the only Filipino film cited in the book "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die". It's a visually powerful film---one that chronicles urban decay and desperation in a developing country---a prime example of social realism in film that shouldn't be missed.  The only catch is that it's virtually impossible to see it outside of a once-in-a-blue-moon theatrical screening, so for as long as the same can be stored in hosting a s site, I might as well share it.

Movie Info:
  • Title: Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag
  • English Title : Manila in the Claws of Neon/ The Nail of Brightness 
  • Director: Lino Brocka 
  • Screenplay: Clodualdo Del Mundo, Jr. based on the novel by Edgardo Reyes
  • Runtime: 125 min
  • Release date: 16 July 1975
  • Language: Filipino, English

Synopsis: Julio Madiaga is a young man who ventures into the mean and grimy streets of the metropolis in search of his sweetheart, Ligaya Paraiso, whom he hasn't heard from for months since leaving the province. Hoping to obtain some news as to her whereabouts, Julio wanders around aimlessly, taking up odd jobs to survive in the big city, experiencing first hand the social strife and injustice suffered by those who live under the neon lights of Manila and submit to the predators living on its concrete streets.

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Movie info taken from imdb - Maynila: sa mga kuko ng liwanag


  1. It kind of sucks how the original title's lovely lyricism and poetic appeal get lost in translation, no matter how earnest or linguistically faithful the translative effort.:-/

    Thanks for making this Brocka classic available to a wider audience, zooey.

    Do you plan to make this a regular thing and upload other titles like Insiang or Himala? That way I'll get to watch them too, lol :-)

  2. Yeah, some things do get lost in translation. Even the subs for this one aren't as colorful or accurate as the original dialogue but I guess it's good enough that english subs are available.

    Just thought I'd share this movie since I have it sitting in my hard drive and it took me weeks to obtain it via torrent with only one or two peers seeding it. I got a few more old flicks from ipmart/inday's tracker so I'll try to put them up as well whenever I can. I also have a copy of Insiang here somewhere but I'll have search for it first.

    It's kinda sad how most Filipino movies from the 70s are in need of restoration. For some reason, Brocka's movies are better preserved, they're in good condition compared to others.

  3. nostalgia! i dont know if i have seen this. will probably watch it in the future. i love the 70's. if im asked what decade i should grow up, it's definitely the 70's. there should be good movies in the future because Filipinos are not excused not to make one. all the talent is there!