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Here's another Lino Brocka film that I had the good fortune to see last year.  This melodramatic tale of parental betrayal and revenge set in the slums of  Tondo has the distinction of being the first Filipino movie to ever be screened in the Cannes Film Festival and is considered by critics to be one of the best examples of film noir to come out of the Philippines.  It's in better shape than most films to come out from the 70s, it's said that the original print is in mint condition, having been recently screened in the Lincoln Theater in 2006. It's also interesting to note that a copy of the said movie is in film archives in Japan, London and Paris---which I guess goes to show the extent of its international acclaim.

Movie Info:
  • Title: Insiang
  • English Title : Insiang 
  • Director: Lino Brocka 
  • Screenplay: Lamberto E. Antonio based on the teleplay by Mario O'Hara
  • Runtime: 95 min
  • Release date: 21 December 1976
  • Language: Filipino, English

Synopsis: A young woman in the slums of Tondo must remember to respect even her serpent-like mother, but when that mother’s much-younger lover casts his eyes (and hands) on her, all bets are off, in this tough-hearted melodrama that single-handedly destroys all notions of the sanctity of family life and maternal love.

Download Link [MF]:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Part 4 | English Hardsubbed

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Insiang (1976) [PINOY] Divx DvdRiP DivX Engsubs [Tagalog] by WingTip 
Movie Info taken from imdb Insiang (1976) and WikiPilipinas 
Additional Source Asian Journal: Insiang Revisited
Film synopsis supplied by the Center for Asian American Media as featured in the 28th San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, Lino Brocka Retrospective  


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